About Us

Velocity International was started in 2011 with a goal of setting new standards and trends in Pet Industry in the Middle East. It all started with Artemis Pet Food, USA where the company was taken notice despite the initial challenge to educate a market where Super Premium Pet Food was less popular

Although the key concentration was into Super Premium Pet Food, Velocity International has expanded their product line to Pet Treats, High Quality Cat Litter, Animal Wound Care Products and Specialty Aquatics from Electronics to Chemicals & Biological products for a successful Reef Aquaria and Fish Keeping.

By the end of 2014, the firm has successfully established the key brands from Companion Animal Diets to Specialty Aquatic Products by representing some of the best names Internationally for the Middle East Market

Our Clientele includes Veterinarians, Pet Stores, Local Fish Stores, Zoos, Defense & Security Agencies within Middle East & Africa. Velocity International thanks all of their Partners, Retailers & the Veterinarians who strongly believe in our Products supported us this far.

  • Not on any Recall lists or have never been “RECALLED”
  • Free of artificial ingredients, by byproducts or fillers
  • Organic, Holistic, Natural & Grain Free
  • Biologically appropriate with high absorption rate in Novel & Single Protein
  • Approved by Veterinarians, Pet Welfare Organizations and Conscientious Pet Parents
  • Safety tested, non-toxic (at any level) and friendly to our environment
  • Ethical, Performing & Value For Money
  • Above all, Quality After Sales Support

Haffnas Nasar - CEO

Director's Note

We Extensively Studied Various Brands, Selecting To Partner Only With The Best. Our Final Choice Of Partners Were Based On Value, Uniqueness And Company Transparency. We Believe Our Brands Offer Distinctive And Exceptional Alternatives In The Pet Industry Which Includes Equine, Canine, Feline, Avian, Reptiles And Fish.


Velocity International L.L.C specializes in Distribution & Supply Chain with its primary focus on Companion Animal & Aquatics Brand Distribution and at the same time deploying an in house procurement team to service Aqua Culture, Waste Water, Government Contractors & Security Agencies.


Distributing high quality products are vital for us especially that we work hard to promote the growth and credibility of our customers and their businesses. Therefore, we hand pick our vendors for their commitment towards their product line while making sure we select Sustainable & Environmental Friendly Brands.


Our objective is to strengthen our alliance with customers and manufacturers by refining our organizational structure while continuously enhancing our products and services.



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